Recently, I took a trip down France and stopped in Paris for a few days. As we've been selling the Herb Lester City Guides in our store for a while now, I decided to take both of the Herb Lester Paris guides with me, to explore new parts of the city. In the short time I spent in Paris, I was able to see lots of places that I wouldn't have discovered without these brilliantly curated city guides. From the copy, the lay-out, illustrations and designs – all of it is so well considered – down to the last detail. I had the honour to meet and become friends with a few of the designers that have designed these guides. Even more the reason why I'm such a fan of them.

In my opinion, Herb Lester is one of those awesome companies doing it right and their guides will undoubtedly put a big smile on your face. Their love for the well-curated and well-designed reflects throughout all of their goods, and I am happy to be able to support and sell this sweet brand in our store. If you happen to be travelling soon, be sure to pick up one of the Herb Lester guides, as they will introduce you to tons of good stuff! Check out our Herb Lester guides here

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