The hunt

At Concrete Matter, treasure hunting has always been one of our greatest joys. This reflects in our collection. What you’ll find here is a selection of our favorite discoveries. It could be a pocket knife admired for its beauty and craftsmanship, a vintage beautifully faded worker's jacket or a military piece with tons of history. We carry a miner’s vest from Pike Brothers modeled from an early 1900’s design, and a US Army flight jacket from WWII still in mint condition. The vintage Hawaï shirts you’ll find in our store were in fact made in Hawaï. We’ve followed our instincts to build this collection. We now invite you to follow your own.

Explore your own diverse influences

If we slow down and appreciate objects for their craftsmanship, certain values rise above the “cheap” and “fast” of today’s fashion. We begin to value fabric. We begin to value color. Material is recognized for its durability or its form. When we slow down, quality is given its place.

We believe the items on offer are of the highest quality. Our store is a place where your unique sense of style can connect with top items that will stand the test of time.

Both vintage items and a careful selection of new brands are available at Concrete Matter. All of them adhere to the highest standards of previous generations. Our clothes cater mostly to men, but some are designed for women too.

Always changing

When we started Concrete Matter in the summer of 2012, it was in many ways a completely different company than the one it is today, but our core values remained intact, so in that sense a lot has stayed the same. We try to challenge ourselves, and we’re willing to take the road less traveled. In the process we’ve built a diverse and surprising collection, and nurtured a small community of cherished people who appreciate and challenge what we do. This adventure has only just begun.

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