Dutch Army HBT Shirt

Curated Vintage Collection


Dutch Army HBT shirts are made of a sturdy herringbone cotton quality and show different shades of green. This is due to their individual usage. Very similar, however, is their fine quality. Undamaged and complete, these HBT shirts are ready to last you a great many years. The breast pockets are characteristically sewn on with one point being deliberately left unattached in order to fill up more pocket space. Devil's in the detail. Dutch Army HBT shirts are also perfect jackets for summer and fall.


- Year: 1960-70s
- Condition: Vintage, slight wear and tear, complete
- Material: cotton in herringborn twill
- Sizes:
- M armpit to armpit 53cm / back 71cm
- L armpit to armpit 56 cm / back 75 cm
- XL shoudler 51cm, armpit to armpit 61 cm / back 79 cm


Concrete Matter Curated Vintage Collection

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