Grounder Lo Canvas Black

Pf Flyers


The fact that we are selling PF Flyers makes us actually pretty proud. We are the first to do so in recent history in The Netherlands, because saying we are the first ones ever is impossible to proof since PF Flyers has been around making shoes since 1937.

It started out in 1933 when Hyman L. Witman successfully patented a 'posture foundation' (yes this is what P.F. stands for) rigid foot arch support. In 1937 the mother company of BF Goodrich launched PF Flyers canvas shoes with posture foundation. Since than PF Flyers saw a lot of great decades. Actually becoming one of the most iconic shoes for kids growing up in the United States after WW2. The last quarter of the 20th century they dwindled a bit and only for the last decade they are being rediscovered. Rightly so. Simply because they not only have a great history, they also have an amazing product. The posture foundation is still present which together with the rest of the construction of the shoe make it stand out above the average sneaker. This is an actual shoe. This goes for the Center model but even more so for the Grounder. This shoe is an actual direct product of its U.S. Army predecessor which of course was also made by PF Flyers. 

The Grounder model is quite something else. When you put them on you see what we mean. This is a not a flimsy canvas sneaker, this bad bay has army roots and you can feel it. The sturdy nose and quality sole make that this shoe will be with you not for one season, but for a lot more than that. We have the Grounder in a high ecru version as well ass a low black version.


- Posture foundation foot support
- 10oz Duck canvas upper and vulcanized rubber sole
- Flat cotton laces
- Extra set of black laces
- Molded rubber ankle patch


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