Quality over quantity has always been at the core of Concrete Matter. We opened our doors on Haarlemmerdijk five years ago, it's been an incredible journey, and many memories have been captured within the four walls of the store. 
As the everchanging retail landscape evolves, It's time to say goodbye to what kickstarted our mission. As you may know, we have two stores located in Amsterdam, we will be crowning our Gasthuismolensteeg location as our new flagship store, this will see Concrete Matter's Gift Shop come together with our emporium of quality goods and clothing. This is a move we have been planning for the past 9 months and we are finally in a sustainable position to take action. We feel privileged to have the support from friends, family and the community, and we're also extremely excited for what's to come.

In the coming months before our last and final day at the Haarlemmerdijk, we will be having a final clearance SALE. We have gathered some of our most favoured goodies ranging from vintage school charts, Hawaiin Shirts, vintage prints, cool mantiques and many rare pieces. We'll be showcasing some of the cool products you'll be able to find on this event page - stay tuned, and you may find something out of the ordinary that you take a liking to.