Size Guide

The best way to pick the right size for you, is to compare the measurements of one of your own clothes. 



It is important that you don't stretch your clothes while measuring! If everything is prepared, place your measure tape from edge to edge of the waistband. The number you get is half your waist size. To figure out what inch size you have divide the full waist size with 2,54 (1 inch). For example: An inch size 32 is 82cm ( 2 x 41cm ). 82cm : 2,54 = 32 inch


To measure the outseam, make sure that your pants still lays flat on the ground and measure from to top of the waistband to the hem.


The inseam is an important length, it defines the length of your pants. Place the measure tape right at the place between the legs where all the seams come together and measure to the hem. When you measure with the metric system you can again divide the number with 2,54 and you get the US inch length of your pants.


The rise of your pants defines the waist hight. Measure from the crossing point of the seams between the legs to the top of the waistband.


1.Pants with a high rise and pleats have normally a wider fit. The pleats where designed to give the owner more space to move.

2.Overalls without a belt are normally made to fit loose. When you sit down the length of your back stretches, but normal cotton fabric doesn't. So the rear part of the overall is always longer and wider. To find a tight fitting overall is our tip to whenever possible try it in the store.

3.Vintage denim pants shrink over the years! Trust the real measurements not the inch numbers on the Tag. 



To figure out the width of your shoulders, measure straight from the one crossing point from shoulder seam and sleeve seam to the other.

Pit to Pit:

Measure from arm pit to arm pit. It is important to close the jacket or shirt before measuring!

Sleeve length:

Measure from the shoulder seam to the sleeve hem. Make sure that the sleeve lays flat!

Back length:

To measure the back length, place your measure tape from the seam unter the collar to the hem of your shirt. Make sure that your tape lays straight.


Raglan sleeves are difficult to measure, but they where constructed to give the owner as much space as possible to enter the jacket. 

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