Here in Amsterdam we've been blessed with a gorgeous Indian summer this year. According to us, the best way to enjoy the warm weather to the fullest is rather simple. Good friends, smart gear and cold beers, is all that's needed. To upgrade our outdoors trip a campfire warming our filled Dutch oven added that bit of extra we were looking for. The handsome Pike Brothers apparel was the finishing touch to our sunny trip as it blended in perfectly with the setting. We just can't say no to timeless style without concessions to quality.

Roamer Vest Elephant Skin Black * 1958 Roamer Pant 15oz 


* Feuerhand Lantern * Stanley 

* Buccaneer Shirt Grey Striped * Miner Vest Hemp Denim* Field Notes * Kaweco

Utility Shirt Short Sleeve Rusty Red * Rider Shirt Black Denim

* Stanley Pocket Flask * Reuzel * Hestra Mora Elk Leather Glove * Trusco 350-B

* Lowlander Beer * Stanley Thermos Blue * Atelier de L'armee Bivouac Pack

  * Dutch Oven






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