Every year during a weekend in early September I am allowed to enter a bubble. This bubble floats over the Goodwood racing circuit near Chichester in south west England. The bubble has an out-stretched arm into Amsterdam West from where our convoy departs. This year's convoy consisted of the trusty late 1960s Landrover 'Lightweight', a Morgan +8, a crazy 1940s hotrod which before this trip had covered a mere 300 kilometers and a very comfy Volkswagen T2 van.

Goodwood Revival is the place where the glorious 1940s, 50s and 60s come back to live. Primarily by an almost surreal collection of original - pedigree rich - race cars from this area. But since Goodwood has a history of being a RAF air field during the Battle Of Britain, when it was home to several squadrons of Spitfire and Hurricanes in their support role for the bombers of the Eight US Air Force, aviation is just as important. For me even more important to be honest. This year the worlds only airworthy Blenheim twin-engined bomber and one of the only two remaining airworthy Lancaster four-engine bombers, made their appearance. Always flanked by several Spitfires of different makes, a Hurricane and Mustang P-51. 

At Concrete Matter we are proud to soon be offering you insight information via personal account and flyers on The Goodwood Revival. Because if you love what Concrete Matter is doing, you will absolutely lover the annual feast of Goodwood Revival. Some images from within the bubble can be seen below.

Jaguar E-Type Mk1


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