The Flat and Newsboy Cap
There once was a time when every man would put on a hat as soon as he left the house. These days might seem over, but despite this, the Newsboy and Flat Caps are making a very strong comeback. Although this time around, the stylish flat caps are not exclusively worn by the working class.
Once thought to be a simple piece of wool that would keep the head warm, and maybe gave the wearer some protection from rain. It was traditionally the working class that made the Flat Cap an iconic accessory, although the far future had other plans lined up for the caps.
Concrete Matter Newsboy caps and Flat caps
Image: Concrete Matter AW17 Look Book 

The Newsboy Cap has some slight structural differences compared to the classic Flat Cap, thus resulting in a more voluminous shape. The name Newsboy Cap derives from the 19th-century newsboy standing on a busy street corner selling his newspapers to the local people passing by. 

Over the past few years, the menswear scene has started to see Flat Caps and News Boy Caps appear more frequently.
The fact that almost anyone can wear a cap like this, not limited by age or social status anymore, this could be one of the main reasons for this style comeuppance. BBC / Netflix series such as the immensely popular Peaky Blinders has assisted the classic Newsboy Cap in becoming a key accessory for the modern-day man.
Peaky Blinders Concrete Matter Newsboy Cap
Image: Peaky Blinders
We sell a wide variety of both Newsboy and Flat Caps in various colourways and materials. From wool and cotton to slick corduroy. They make a great addition to our range of Pike Brothers clothing and vintage apparel collections.
The Flat cap has been a go-to style choice for many great iconic men over the years; such as Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Morgan Freeman, Sylvester Stallone and Samuel L Jackson.
Concrete Matter Steve McQueen Newsboy Cap
Image: Steve McQueen
Concrete Matter Newsboy and Flat Caps AW17
Image: Concrete Matter AW17 Look Book 
Paul Newman Newsboy Cap
Image: Paul Newman
1920's working class Newsboy and Flat Caps
Image: 1920's Workmen wearing Newsboy and Flat Caps

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