Concrete Matter Beard Oil
There is a beard-wearing man in your life, and to be quite honest, the chances are rather slim that there isn’t one nowadays. We’ve handcrafted our very own collection of beard oils just for you hairy folk. The beauty of creating beard oils from scratch, is we know exactly what went into them and more importantly, what did not. We’ve combined the finest carrier oils within our products, such as; natural Jojoba oil, the rich oils from Avocados, and of course Argan oil, sourced from Morocco. We added a few drops of the essential oils to give the beard wearer some scented delight when grooming his beard for the day. We didn’t go too over the top and create a conglomerate of smells, that amount to some confusion, we just kept it clean and simple.
We’ve named three of our four blends after some iconic gents, whether it’s Arnold with his woodsy scent, the cool cat James or the masculine but sweet sandalwood of Ernest, you can’t go wrong. If the iconic character smells don't tickle your fancy, the Classic is just the important carrier oils without a scent, it's proven to be quite popular in gifting this year.

Beard Oils Concrete Matter

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