The Origins of The Watch Hat
A hat is such a quintessential item that you are sure to be needing one every year. For some reason, they also seem to have a really high rate of disappearing over the summertime. Originally worn by all sorts of Navy personnel, the name is derived from having to stand watch [watch hat]. This meant being mostly stationary during very harsh conditions. The 100% Italian Wool Watch Hats, as made by the wonderful Pike Brothers brand, come in a variety of colors. The original label that was stitched on the inside should be worn visible and thus upside down. This hat makes for a great gift since it’s one size fits all, some would even say it’s unisex. So, no excuses not to invest in a USN Watch hat, it’ll be sure to keep your head warm and up your style game when out and about in the cold cities.

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US Navy Watch Hat 100% Wool

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